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Donate and support our work!


Newport Pride volunteers helping paint RI's first of three rainbow crosswalks on Broadway, Newport.

Hola! Newport Pride, Inc. officially launched in February 2022, and we are up to so much more than just putting on events in June. Celebrating Pride Month is an essential part of what we do (and we celebrated Newport's 5th annual Pride celebration this past June - the first year we could do so as an official 501c3 charitable organization). And we are also engaged in the community year-round to make Newport County a safe and desirable place for all LGBTQ+ folks, especially our residents.


But we can't do this work without your support. We humbly request your donations and support as we step into more incredible things in 2023. Every amount counts.

Newport Pride 2022 Accomplishments:

  • Hosted the 5th annual Newport Pride Month with 2k+ attendees and multiple events

  • Installed RI's first three rainbow crosswalks

  • Aid local school's LGBTQ+ support groups

  • Host monthly Queer Connections program for adults

  • Run community-building events in partnership with NPTOUT

  • Participated in regional Pride celebrations

  • Active members and contributors to Newport Partnership for Families 

Every gift is meaningful to us. We appreciate your support!

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